After 37 years as a professional in the international film and modeling industry, I have turned my sights to building a world-class production facility in the Riviera Maya in Tulum, Mexico.

I left Brazil at 18 and traveled extensively as a top model, working with the world’s leading fashion editors (Polly Allen Mellen), designers, photographers (e.g. Richard Avedon, Jean-Baptiste Mondino and Javier Vallhonrat to name a few), and publications such as VOGUE, ELLE, VANITY FAIR, MARIE CLAIRE, HARPERS BAZAAR, L’OFFICIEL, GLAMOUR, COSMOPOLITAN, etc.. Once based in Paris (the fashion capital of the world), I went onto working in other major fashion cities such as Milan, London, NYC, Tokyo and Los Angeles.

Following my true and deeper calling, I studied acting, became a mother and produced documentaries and short films, including the award winning, ‘A Star Named Ayrton Senna’, ‘Racing is in my Blood’, ‘O Samba’, ‘Hold On Peon’, ‘Skank’ and ‘Blue Planet – The Great Barrier Reef and The Coral Sea’. More recently, I’ve produced and acted in four dramatic short films shot in London. More recently I’ve Founded and was the Trustee/CEO (4 full years) of the very successful Vedic Care Charity in the USA with Worldwide reach, but I felt the need to fully resign due to differences regarding the start of financial practices I disagreed with. I’ve now created and am running Ciné Tribe and the Vedic Times Organization (Eco-Village Project and International Yoga Retreats), as well as hosting the v-podcast series ‘Reclaim Your Mind’; and sharing first-hand knowledge through ‘Models & Actors Work Ethics’, where I teach professionalism, because respecting the craft is essential for sustained success.

With a great love and strong determination to revolutionize cinema and its appreciation – as separate from other forms of media – we are creating a Boutique Media Studio in Tulum. Our focus is on facilitating the creation of first class cinematic content. 

Ciné Tribe will also serve the movie & fashion industries with location shoots and scouting, while simultaneously serving the industry’s leading artists with experimental shooting and test facilities. We will offer unique educational opportunities for anyone interested in the Cinematic Arts through our ‘Cinematic Arts Studios’ workshops and retreats. More about Ana here.

Former British Film Commissioner – CEO

In January 2014 Colin took the position of General Manager at Lucas film Animation Company in Singapore. During the previous two and a half years he worked closely with clients at “Experiential Consultancy”, principally in the UK. Until June 2011 Colin held the post of British Film Commissioner. In this position, over a four and a half year period, he made, developed and renewed contacts at the highest levels in top media companies across the world. This and other experience has developed him into a senior International media professional with in-depth skills and top level contacts; all from over 30 years in the global TV, Film and Commercial sectors, serving clients with “Experiential Consultancy”.

Colin has worked as Chairman, CEO and MD in both technical and creative roles, and has often been engaged in the entrepreneurial context of startup and turn around of technical and creative subsidiaries of blue chip companies. Over time and with the changing nature of the media industry his emphasis has become both strategic and global. He has also been a leader of large scale businesses in the UK, Europe and the US delivering positive results in Strategic Planning, Business Development and Management Excellence. More recently Colin has used his experience and contacts in the service of the UK public Sector. During his time as British Film Commissioner, inward investment into the UK from US production companies reached record levels.

Colin’s CONTRIBUTION as our ‘Business Development & Strategist’ and as our movie-business advisor and mentor: with many decades of practical knowledge and successfully producing results, Colin is guiding Ciné Tribe’s grand vision into the reality of a trusted and productive modern media business model.

MATTHEW MORREALE (Founding Partner)
Film Director/Writer/Musician and Music Curator

Matthew was born in Mississippi and raised in England. He spent many years living and traveling in Europe, soaking up the culture, playing music and writing poetry. Then, with the gravitational pull of a black hole, cinema devoured him. Matthew has an insatiable passion for all aspects of film production. He produced and directed the theatrical short film, ‘A New Dawn’, directed and photographed, ‘Losing Lola’ and worked as cinematographer on the full-length feature, ‘Destiny’. He later directed three conceptual shorts from personal material in development. He’s worked in production sound for films such as ‘Gone to the Dogs’, ‘The Vanguard’ and ‘Ballet Shoes’ and has editing credits on ‘Calm’, ‘Losing Lola’ and ‘We’ve Got The Toaster’, among others. He studied producing with The New Producers Alliance and script development at The Script Factory in London. He is now further developing and producing full-length feature films for mainstream audiences worldwide. Check out his ‘Cinema and the Psyche Podcast’ and Yoga Maya Entertainment and his IMDb here.

Matthew’s CONTRIBUTION as ‘Head of Development’: Matt is bringing a deep understanding of cinema, its history and its effect on the psyche for shifts in consciousness and consequently – in time – society. He’s a resident writer/director and an important advisor in regard to Ciné Tribe’s innovative and practical ‘Cinematic Arts Studio’ workshops on movie creation. His commitment to masterminding a new future in cinema is a great asset for our community.

Best Selling Author, Musician, Verve Education Co-Founder, EP7® Reinvent You® and Life Coach Academy Founder

Born in Sydney, Australia in 1971 George Helou became obsessed with personal development in his late teens when he discovered that his perspective and choices were narrowed by his education and upbringing. He went on to study Mass Communications at Macquarie University, began a media career in Sydney’s 2Day FM and then started his consulting and coaching practice business.

In 2001, he authored 2 books that became Australian best sellers. Around this time he also worked with and was mentored by Dr Deepak Chopra, and BMW and Johnson & Johnson consultant Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson. George has since written the book ‘Cinderella’s Secrets’, launched by the Right Honourable Lord Mayor of the City of Perth, who said his book would be a powerful legacy that would inspire future generations of young women long after he was gone.

In 2011 he further distilled his personal development work into a 7 step process he would eventually call EP7 (Empowered for Purpose in 7 Steps), helping individuals and groups reinvent themselves; this would eventually lead to the launch of the EP7 Life Coach Academy. In 2018, George was asked to represent Australia on the International Council of the World Kindness Movement and to create Workshops and Facilitation Training in 22 countries. In demonstration of George’s passion, in 2003, he met his music idol Prince, was invited on stage and participated in a song alongside him at the WA Entertainment Centre. George has since gone on to compose and produce his own music, now released on iTunes.

George’s CONTRIBUTION as the ‘Artist Development Director’: Using George’s EP7 Coaching Academy, the tools and workshops will guide artists to engage flow to successfully create and collaborate harmoniously with their peers. The Academy will also guide actors into skills that allow them to reinvent themselves into any character. George’s Verve Education/EP7 Coaching here.


Born in Britain, Andrea moved to Los Angeles a decade ago. She is a Golden Globe nominated songwriter, and is also known for her acting and movie soundtrack work in productions such as: Escape from Planet Earth (writer: “Shine Supernova”), Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil (performer: “You Know It”) / (writer: “You Know It”), Drive Angry (writer: “Alive”), Awake (performer: “Golden Touch”, “Horizon”) / (writer: “Golden Touch”, “Horizon”) and Bobby (writer: “Never Gonna Break My Faith”). She co-founded and is the creative director of ‘Conspirator Music Studio’ in LA – a musician friendly licensing and management company – so she continues to place music in Film + TV projects internationally. Recently, she composed the trailer song for David Oyelowo’s movie ‘The Water Man’ (2020).

Andrea’s CONTRIBUTION as the ‘Head of the Music Department’: with three decades of experience in the music industry, Golden Globe nominated songwriter Andrea Remanda brings great insight from music supervision and artist development to licensing and vocal production. Her love of film and the creative process will enhance the musical environment for all involved with Ciné Tribe productions. More about her work on IMDb.

Action Film Director/Stuntman & Stunt Coordinator

Brad’s latest work includes stunts in ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ (2022) and Stunt Coordination and 2nd Unit Action Direction on ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ (2023). He is a native of Sun Valley, Idaho and grew up alpine ski racing on an international level and practicing martial arts (he has his Black Belt Tae Kwon Do and is well versed in numerous other styles), as well as mastering other sporting and athletic endeavors. After graduating with a degree in Philosophy from the University of Washington, Brad made the move to Los Angeles to pursue his lifetime passion of becoming a Hollywood stuntman. Through hard work and dedication, Brad quickly became one of the top stunt professionals in the business.

He has stunt doubled for some of the industry’s elite actors, including exclusive stunt double for George Clooney in movies: Batman & Robin, The Perfect Storm, Three Kings, Out of Sight, O Brother, Where Art Thou? and The Peacemaker. Along with Batman, Brad has also doubled for several other superheroes: Ben Affleck in Daredevil and Toby Maguire in Spider-Man 2. Other main credits are: Charlie’s Angels (2000), The Matrix Reloaded (2003), Tropic Thunder (2008) and Fast & Furious (2009). Since the early 2000’s Brad began focusing on stunt coordinating, action directing and action design. He is best recognized for his work designing, coordinating and directing the action units in Underworld, Underworld Evolution and Underworld Awakening… continue reading 

Brad’s CONTRIBUTION as head of the ‘Art of Action in Movies Department’: Brad’s love for action has propelled him to great success. He now wishes to share his skills and knowledge, leading any movie production to the greatest levels of realization, either as a stunt coordinator or action director. As Brad realizes and maintains his Stunt School in the USA, he will share his expertise with students via tailored workshops and movie productions; this will elevate the important and specialized ‘Art of Action’ in Movies.

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